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Grounding Foot Spa care 

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Without exceptions, Julie's offerings are strictly certified & professional.

Offering the best quality of professional service

in her relaxing home environment. 

Experience the difference of a practitioner

who works for herself in her own timing,

wants you to always feel 100 times better

after your Sparklebalm appointment 

and taking the time to really focus on you

during your treatment. 

I have been practicing massage all of my life with over 25 years experience.

The Hawaiian products I use in each session are hypo-allergenic,

soak in nourishment for your skin as they are non-synthetic.

I can recommend just the right Sparklebalm treatments

 to meet your lifestyle needs.

I use high quality natural ingredients in skin and body care products & I research new active ingredients

to formulate more efficient treatments.

Alkaline Drinking Water
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Transformational ​Massage & Coaching

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Long Distance Healing
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 Vancouver's Massage expertise 

           28 years in practicing                                Healing massage 

Heart Healing is the core of self transformation #gemstone #rose #love

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You can Book 

Elite Ensuite Mobile massage 

to Downtown Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Home Practice Location in the neighbourhood of Fairview at 1040 West 8th avenue Vancouver BC V6H1C4

Sparklebalm Quality Standards